Vermont Bumblebee Survey

Rusty-patched Bumblebee (Bombus affinis)

Formerly common throughout eastern North America, but populations crashed in late 1990’s. Apparently extirpated from Vermont since about 1999, but a few populations still known from the Midwest. Queens emerge very early.

Select food plants: Helianthus (Sunflowers), Asters, Solidago (Goldenrods), Lonicera (Honeysuckles), Vaccinium,
Prunus, Aesculus. Occasionally robs nectar.

Tongue Length: short

Nest: underground

Parasitized by: B. ashtoni

Similar Species: B. citrinus, B. griseocollis, B. perplexus, B. vagans

General Phenology

queens: April - October
workers: June - October
males: July - October

Extreme Vermont Dates

queens: 1 May - 4 October
workers: 5 July - 10 October
males: 3 August - 23 October

Historic Records

affinis map


Encyclopedia of Life species account

Xerces Society species account and pocket ID card

Literature (Google Scholar Search)

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