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From backyards to remote mountain summits, anyone can contribute to VCE research when they become a citizen scientist. It's easy and fun...join us!





About the Vermont Center for Ecostudies

People depend on healthy ecosystems. And increasingly, healthy ecosystems depend on people who have the knowledge and motivation to manage them wisely. At VCE we excel in science that guides and inspires conservation. Our work gathers strength from volunteers who monitor wildlife in the Northeast and from a network of professional partners that extends from Canada to South America. This approach is successful because conservation is as much about people as it is about science.

We bring 20 years of experience to our core mission of promoting conservation practices to benefit biodiversity.  With a reach extending from northeastern Canada through the Caribbean to South America, our work in wildlife research and monitoring unites people and science for conservation.

The People Behind VCE

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Annual Reports:

2013 Annual Report (PDF)

2012 Annual Report (PDF)

2011 Annual Report (PDF)

2010 Annual Report (PDF)

2009 Annual Report (PDF)

2008 Annual Report (PDF)



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