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Vermont Vernal Pool Mapping Project

Mansfield pool

Vernal pools are typically small, shallow wetlands that are characterized by alternating flooded and dry phases. Yet, despite their small size and ephemeral nature, they support a rich assemblage of invertebrates and breeding amphibians, many of which are Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN) in the Vermont Wildlife Action Plan. However, most vernal pools do not appear on National Wetland Inventory maps and their location and distribution across Vermont is largely unknown. However, thanks to the Vermont Vernal Pool Mapping Project, that is beginning to change.

Between 2009 and 2011, VCE and Arrowwood Environmental used color infrared (CIR) aerial photo interpretation to map the location of nearly 5,000 “potential” vernal pools across Vermont.  And with the help of numerous volunteers, 636 of these potential pools were field-visited; 343 of which were confirmed to be vernal pools. In addition, 221 unmapped pools were also confirmed during fieldwork. To learn more about results from the project’s first four years, download the final report.

Field-verification work is ongoing, as we strive to develop a comprehensive map of confirmed vernal pool locations in Vermont.  This will greatly improve conservation planning, help protect SGCN, and preserve the ecological values associated with these critical, but often overlooked, wetland habitats.

If you are interested in participating, browse this website using the menu on the left.  Although no special skills are required, a GPS unit is necessary
to participate.



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